The Library…

If ever there was a time where a moment captured your beauty, it was tonight.  On the tenth floor of the library on campus; sitting beside each other in a little cubicle.  You staring at me, I staring at you; our heads down, just smiling at each other.  Surrounded and protected by the books of knowledge, sitting on the shelves, waiting to be read, I sat there reading the look in your eyes.  There was not a moment that night where I did not melt.  You’re innocence had captured my heart and trapped it in every cell of my body.  Your eyes sparkled.  Your smile illuminated with divine light.  I kept praying to God for this moment to never end.  I prayed for time to cease, for everything around our cubicle to stop.  I wrinkled my nose at you in love, and you laughed an adorable laugh; a sound which my heart interpreted as music.  A large lock of hair fell over your eye, covering most of your face; leaving only a small part of your cheek exposed.  I melted again, as your beauty looked more beautiful with your hair littered all over your face.  I reached over and kissed that little part of your exposed cheek and put my head back down on the table.  You smiled the most loving smile I had ever seen.  We sat like that for the rest of the night.  How I wish I could have stopped time…


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