About Me

my path I am a soul clouded by a world filled with conflicting environments. This is one way of me trying to find my path in life.


I will try to keep the theme of this blog as consistant as possible but I cannot help myself if I stray.  Please feel free to join the discourses.

Email: mastmalangblog@gmail.com


16 responses to “About Me

  1. You have an interesting blog. I like the quote from Iqbal and also your poetry: fresh and straight from the heart.

  2. Thank you Raza. I am not sure if I would call it poetry. They are really just thoughts I write down. I don’t make an effort to format them into one particular style. Its a more purist way of expressing myself. I am glad you find my blog interesting. Keep Visiting!

    -mast malang

  3. Nice blog here that seems familiar.

  4. I really liked the section on ‘Aj akhan waris shah nu’ by amrita pritam… moving stuff!!

  5. Indeed, a very powerful poem.

  6. hi I am a big big fan of Nusrat. I dont like using the word fan, but i really idolise him and he really touches my soul every single time. anyways, whatever that u’ve felt with this girl, and how u’re currently feelin, ive been thru that and so have alot of people. in time everything will heal.jus wait and see. khuda hafiz.. surina

  7. Sabaq wafa ka sikayaa bhi naheen ja sakta,
    Jo seek lo to bolayaa bhi naheen ja sakta,
    Yeh haseen dard dil mein chupaya bhi naheen ja sakta,
    Aur agar koi pooche, to batayaa bhi naheen ja sakta

  8. Interesting blog 🙂

  9. Nice blog, that verse from Iqbal is on of my favorites.

  10. Thank you Jahandost. I hope you become a regular reader.

  11. islamabadobserver

    You are simply amazing…….I am impressed by your devotion and thoughts.

  12. very nice blog

    think my way of thinking is matching yours 🙂

  13. I love your poetry.I am a seeker myself and your thoughts are just amazing.

  14. MashahAllah Malang Sahib! This is an amazing blog 😀

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