Preserving Another Dream

I finally got to sleep for a bit last night and I had a fairly pleasant dream.  She was in it…I can’t remember all the details but I remember that we arrived at the beach.  The time, I want to say 4am for some reason.  But I know it was before the sunrise.  She was wearing this classy black leather jacket.  She looked very pretty.  So we’re on this beach and I pull out a camera and start playing with it.  All of a sudden the sun begins to rise.  It was beautiful.  And it was all of a sudden as well, without warning.  And it was happening so fast.  The sky was changing colours, going from purples to blues to reds to oranges.  I remember pulling out this camera and I begin to start taking pictures.  And there was this empty house type building off to the side.  She goes behind that house thing and sits down.  I call for her to watch the sunrise with me but she just sits there.  But I wasn’t disappointed because of this amazing show of beauty before my eyes.  And as the sun is climbing up the sky, all these desi people come out of nowhere with their cars parking anywhere and everywhere they could.  I guess that was our cue to leave.  As this flood of people begin to arrive, I have this big smile on my face, watching everyone try to get onto the beach.  And I think to myself, aren’t we lucky that we arrived here early. 

And then I woke up.  Most of you may be thinking that because she was in the dream that that is the reason why I want to preserve it.  That is not the case, though I can understand why you guys might think that.  Its more about the setting of the beach and the rising sun.  If only I was an artist who could paint my dreams and show you how beautiful it really was. 


One response to “Preserving Another Dream

  1. It is indeed a lovely colorful dreem! And it is nice you remember that. Some dreems I keep in my memory for many years and the colors never fade away…There is something special about the drems, thanks for sharing that!

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