When You Stole The Moon

You walk ever so softly on this earth
As if you are mischievously hiding from my love
With all the world’s happiness laughing
Trailing behind you.
I look out my window
And watch a white glow slowly travelling through the streets of my town.
Are those Tambourines I hear?
They are the sounds of the songs sung by your anklets as you take each step.
They sing songs of love, an eternal love, set in the town of love
This town
My town.
I step outside my door and ask the passer-by,
O Wine Barer, have you given me a drink tonight?
Silent he remains, only displaying a smile.
Am I going crazy or am I just drunk, I ask myself.
The bright glow travelling through my little town intoxicates my curiosity
And so, I travel true the tight alleys, following the glow and songs the anklets sung.
At first I walked.
But the more I walked, The more intoxicated became my curiosity
As if the search of this glow was its wine.
Walking turned to jogging and jogging turned to running.
I was getting closer.
The songs became louder and more memorising.
The glow became brighter
A heavenly contrast to the black night sky.
At last, I turned the corner of the old stone shoe maker’s shop
And there you appear
Caught whist mischievously hiding from my love.
Your body adorned in saffron.
Your hair blowing in a wind; A wind only centred around you
Your lips draped in the colour of roses in a wild field
Your anklets singing like a Bharati Princess in a castle court yard
Your eyes sparkling like a lake at night under the moon.
The moon…
The moon!
I ask myself again, am I going mad or am I drunk?
Why have you the moon in your hands? I ask
Silent, you smile and say nothing.
Instead you turn to the West, and begin walking
All the happiness of the world laughing and dancing as it follows your saffron adorned body.
Instantaneously, I hear tablas and Sitars begin to play an enchanting tune
An unknown voice begins to sing poetic verses describing your saffron adorned body.
My curiosity, ever so drunk, follows you to an orange grove at a hilltop overlooking my little town.
With your arms stretched out, and the moon comfortably resting in your hands
You begin to spin
At first you spin slow.
The unknown voice ceases to sing verses, but now singing the sweetest raag
The tabla changes its tune to a hypnotic beat
And the Sitar changes its song to something that would put the faithless into a trance.
As you begin to spin faster, the instruments begin to play faster, as if to keep up with you.
The stars above begin to spin as well though the Moon stays still.
Faster and Faster you spin and everything becomes almost erratic but ordered at the same time.
Then, all of a sudden you stop, but everything else continues to spin.
The happiness that once trailed behind you, laughing, suddenly jumps up.
One by One, each explodes into the sky, like colourful fireworks at a festival.
Above that, the night sky begins to rain comets and shooting stars.
You laugh as the sky rains fire
Laughing like a little child joyful at the sight of a spinning top.
The wind blows the fabric of saffron adorned body
As if it were a flag representing your beauty.
I fall back against a nearby rock
bewildered and in utter shock.
You turn your head and look at me
Your hair dancing in the wind like an intoxicated dervish.
Slowly you walk towards me, smiling.
I pick myself up
Dusting off the grass on my clothes.
You come closer and closer to me.
And finally you speak:

I came here tonight
To your town
Filled with nothing but love for you in my heart.
Even with that
I felt it was not enough.
I felt I came with empty hands.
And so I reached high above
Right up to the sky
And stole the moon
For you.

She reached her hands out
Still with that glowing smile illuminating her face
And blew on the moon.
And then
By Magic
The moon disintegrates
First turning into dust
Than to doves
Flying straight up and away into the illuminated night sky.

…My eyes suddenly opened. I found myself in bed. And there you were, lying right beside me; wrapped up in your blanket, peacefully sound asleep. Right there and then, you had never looked so beautiful as you had right there. I couldn’t help but smile and melt. I reached over and kissed your soft, warm cheek and went back to sleep.

-Mast Malang


3 responses to “When You Stole The Moon

  1. I think this is beautiful-truly

  2. what a wonderful poem, my friend!..
    You must be an incarnation of some great Urdu poet of the past, indeed.

  3. You can paint the most amazing pictures with words! The colors, the sounds, the feelings, the conditions above and below. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your word paintings.

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