A New Beginning?

new beginning 

Here today, at my University, it was the first day of school.  With the beginning of a new semester comes a fresh new beginning.  I am reaching a critical time in my life right now.  This year could potentially be my last year of undergrad.  And to be perfectly honest, it is quite a scarey thought.  Its stressful to the exeent that I cannot sleep at night.  Stressful because soon I will be having to apply for grad school and/or law school.  But to apply for law school, I have to write the LSAT.  They say that the LSAT is the hardest exam one will ever have to write, next to their PhD exam. 

 Upon further analysis, it seems as though my life has been slowly changing without me even really realizing it.  Afterall, my dad retired and bought a business, and our family is on its way (Inshallah) to building a house which should be done by this time next year.  And there have been no setbacks to really speak of this year either.  There have been little bumps in the road but they haven’t been signifigant in the greater scheme of things.  So judging from the events of the past year, it seems as though that this coming year will show further signs of positive progression.  Inshallah. 

Over the past few weeks, I have begun to slowly realize that my future, my destiny is in many ways in my hands.  I mean we all hear about how we are the masters of our own destinies but it seems like few truely realize what that really means.  I believe, I am slowly but surely, coming to that realization.  And in efforts to further this realization, I something that may seem insignifigant to almost everyone.  I bought a notebook.  I went to Staples and spent almost 45 minutes or so just selecting what notebook appeals to be visually and which notebook I feel most comfortable with.  The purpose of this notebook? I intend to write anything and everything I must get done inside this notebook.  In essence, its a “to do” list.  What I hope to accomplish with this notebook is to get over my horrid habit of procrastination.  Once a task has been written down, my hope is that it will drive me to get it done as soon as possible.  Also, its an effort to progress my life.  It will essentially track the little things that will have to get done in order for me to reach my eventual goals.  Moreover, it will help me become more proactive in my life and give me some focus.  Lastly, I am hoping that thise notebook will help me approach things head on and overcoming certain fears I have.  I hope this notebook realizes how much is riding on it. 

What are my goals for this year? They are as follows:

  1. To focus on my last year of school and put all my energy and effort into it.
  2. To Bring my GPA up to the level where I have the option to get another BA,  go to Grad school for a Masters, or to Law school and become an LLB.

They are only two goals and they are both directly realated to each other.  But they are both individually important.  These are the two goals that will set me up for the next 5 years of my life.  So a lot is riding on this school year.  Inshallah I will be successful in achieving these.

Ramadan is in a few days.  Its about time I fulfilled my promise to God and actually did something for him.  Afterall, if we take one step towards God, he takes two steps towards us.  And it is ultimately God that can really help me in achieving my goals and becoming successful. 


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