Gone Are The Days That We Loved.

Gone are the days that we loved.
How we have forgotten how those days used to shine.
Now we sit here and become void, black
Scarred by the era in which you were our Queen.

I recall when every second was in dedication to you.
Every situation, every thought, every song
reminded me of your sweet face
When every lyric, every melody and every rhythm
reminded me of the warmth of your embrace.

And now, even the warmth of the summer nights
makes me shiver as those cold memories drown my soul into the blackness of my grave.

I remember when I used to secretly steal glances towards your direction
When you were in a crowd
Or when I yearned to hear your sweet voice on the telephone
Yearning so much that it would hurt.
The listening of your voice had become the act of worship of my ears.
Now I pray that the mere memory of you have not the audacity to enter my dreams.

If you wanted to leave us, we would have sadly obliged…
Packed up the broken pieces of our hearts and left.
But please, leave us as such that we would be able to love again.
The way you left us, how will we ever love again?
The torturous wounds of love have no mercy I guess
For we were thrown away, like a piece of garbage.

And so we stand here, in the shadows of those memories
Void of any colour or light
Watching as our vessels sink into a black sea of oblivion.
You drained what little love we had…
Stole our mercy.

And now…
We pray.
We pray that the destiny you sentenced us to
You too, will suffer the same sentence.

mast malang


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