Creativity and Madness

They say that there is a direct correlation between creatively and madness.  I think that is very much true.  I had a rush of creative ideas that came to me after the visit (unfortunately, I couldn’t write them all down and hence forgot most, if not all of the material) and soon after that, I started to get back to a state of normality; something I haven’t experienced for many years.  With a new sense of sanity, it seems as though I have lost all creative drive and energy (I wish I could lose my insomnia at the same time).  For the last few years, I have thought, contemplated and derived things in my head that even I was impressed with.  Unfortunately, I didn’t come up with this idea to write a blog and record these ideas until much later.  A lot of those thoughts and ideas are lost in time now but I always thought that I could come up with more stuff.  But lately, I’ve suffered from writers block which doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon.  Even a few months ago, I could make up material right on the spot and it would actually be amazingly good.  But as of late, I can’t come up with anything.  If my life ever depended on it, I would be done. 

 I have also tried to look at it from the other side as well.  Life becomes very bland once one is stuck in a routine.  That routine hinders creativity to a large extent.  This is also a possible reason why my writer’s block won’t leave.  I’ve been stuck in the same routine for a while now and it appears as though I will be stuck in that routine for a while.  This is also not good news because the fact is, I want to create.  I want to let the world know what my brain is capable of aside from the obvious.  The passion is there but the creativity is just gone.  The funny thing is, emotionally, I am feeling a lot better than before but it seems like life is still the same, and that nothing seems to change. 

 I plan to take all this in stride.  I will be patient and wait it out.  Perhaps a lull is needed from time to time.   


One response to “Creativity and Madness

  1. very interesting, so deeply personal and yet common for many…
    it is a little sad but you know sometimes we think we are ready for something, and it is not coming. strange, but it happens. it means we are still no ready. but it will surely come at the right time!

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