The Power of a Professor

I never really understood the power the words of a professor had until today.  I had always appricated it but I never really felt the true force of it until I witnessed it with my own eyes.  The prof has called us to meet so he could hand stuff back.  Unfortunately, because of some stuff going on with the prof, he couldn’t get everything marked.  But despite that, a handful of us students sat and talked with him for a good 3-4 hours.  This was at the height of exam time too.  Even throughout the semester, we would all stay behind after class and listen to him speak about whatever…be it a movie, The Simpsons, or philosophy.  It occurred to me today just how rare such a prof is.  The students would pass us by during class change and stare as they walked buy this group of students huddled around one man, listening intently, not to miss a word, and have this look on their face that said, “I think I am missing out on something.”  It has been quite amazing to be a part of something like that.  I hope every student that goes to University get to have at least one of those in their career.  They make you appreciate learning in a way that one could never contemplate on their own.  Its simply magic.


2 responses to “The Power of a Professor

  1. It’s a great blessing to have such a professor. Many other professors become too intoxicated in their search for truth:
    Sky Truth
    To end ignorance
    the chef
    a religious fellow,
    renounced all desires,
    but for the wine of truth
    in great writings

    A note from heaven
    not a feather
    he tried to get
    on a beach. With a

    bottle of Vermouth
    he stood in search of truth,
    a raw chicken cutlet in hand
    looking for a chef’s promised land
    that perfect recipe to make ends meet,
    to make his cooking nirvana be
    the ultimate stew,
    but he had only torn pages
    missing those spicy truths
    just known to a sage,
    and only a grappling hook
    on a blanket to cook.

    When a movie star came by to say
    the truth is up there in the sky
    he threw the hook up in the air
    repeatedly despite the stares. My recipe

    must be part of truth he said
    the root of flavored
    cotton candy skies. Although

    before the truth he could hook
    a bird of hunger just swooped
    down on the cutlet
    tearing it loose. Foolish

    bird he shouted
    how can you really make out
    with recipe not in your snout?
    — Douglas Gilbert
    Free-verse Poetry

  2. very interesting observation!
    If the professor is really good, it means he has a strong “guru” principle, he is a master. Naturally people who study feel attracted to such a person. It is very interesting phenomenon and somehow not very wide spread…

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