Sain Zahoor Ahmad

sain zahoor

 I wish to share with you guys tonight a gem of a performance.  I came across it randomly and I have been listening to this all night.  He is a renowned Pakistani Sufi singer Sain Zahoor Ahmad.  He began singing at the young age of five under the eye of Ustad Sain Raunka Ali of Patiala.  Sain Zahoor is unlettered, unable to read or write.  But amazingly, he has memorized literally hundreds of Punjabi Sufi Kalams.  Its been said that at his first stage performance at the All Pakistan Music Conference in 1989, he sent the crowd into a trance so intense that some people deemed his voice dangerous.  I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did.  This was at the BBC World Music Awards 2006 where he recieved the award for the Asia/Pacific category. 



16 responses to “Sain Zahoor Ahmad

  1. I am from Pakistan. I have been Searching Sain Zahoor’s music since last year but did not get a single song even.
    This is a good one but as i dont have high speed net so can I download it some where. I will be obliged.

  2. Jameel Muzammal

    hi, i have listen alot of time online to the Sain Zahoor Ahmed, at the office, where i have high speed internet, but at home i have not high speed internet, would you guide to me to download the songs of Sain Zahoor Ahmed. I will be obliged.

  3. I can’t find any of his music to download online. As far as I know, the only place he is available at right now is youtube.

  4. The original one has its own taste…

  5. assalam-o-alaikum
    Allah has blessed him so sweet voice that his music realy reflects the pure spirituality of arfana kalam.i like his kalam soooooooooooooo

  6. Hey….The man is wonderful, their is certain feeling of ecstasy which can only be experienced when only Sain Zahoor Ahmed sings. The only man who can get the mind in a trance and in give you the real feel of your soul being stirred by his singing deep inside.

  7. He is a top singer

  8. no-doubt he is a gr8 singer, according to me till, his 8 albums released. i hv got his 3. 2 on my site 1 coming soon… and i’ll try to find more albums.
    try out!

  9. islamabadobserver

    Subhan Allah…….he is one in the line…

    Great Sain…

  10. hi ya, i found one of his album whilst in pakistan, but i don’t know where i can upload it so people can download it from. i couldn’t find the songs Allah ho or nachina paynda hai

  11. i m fayyaz from lahore pakistan,iwas looking for a mysteric music of filk singer sain zahoor,after going into serch i come to this site but i can not succeed in getting download my desired music so i do’nt like this site for such purpose,

  12. I’d be keen to see what Googlebot sees. ,

  13. wah sain sahib awaj ko koi srhd ni rok skti kash kuch mtlb prst b smj le,keep it up

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