I wonder….

I wonder sometimes if whether the longer a person takes to get over someone he/she loves when they lose them, does that person have a deeper ability to love than someone who takes less time? I mean to say, can that person feel love more than the average person?  Are all feelings of love felt with the same intensity? With the same fire? I guess its an empirical question that can’t really be answered. But I suspect it to be true.  I don’t know how or why (my theory is as good as anyone else’s). Its just a hunch that I have.

Here is another question: Does a person who fell in love deeply for the first time, and lost that person, feel the same (or greater) intensity of love with the second person they fall in love with?  I guess time will tell…

Its 3.41am here and I can’t sleep.  Hopefully when I go to bed now, my eyes will shut and allow me to escape this reality for a few hours.


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