Justin Trudeau To Lead The Youth Revolution


 The eldest song of the great Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau announced today that he will be running in the Montreal riding of Papineau come the next federal election.   You can read about it here and listen to Justin himself here.

I bring this up because this reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend a few

weeks ago at University. We were sitting there having lunch and we reminisced about the good old Chretien days and how its so rare to have a charismatic leader in our country. I told him that charismatic leaders are indeed rare. They come in waves. Some get elected and some don’t. Its just the nature of politics in Canada. When I was at the leadership convention in Montreal last year, hearing Kennedy speak before the delegates, I thought to myself, “How could people NOT vote for him?” He wasn’t the most charismatic leader in the bunch but you could see that he had that potential to be one of Canada’s greats. Moreover, he was attempting to introduce elements of Human Security Theory into formal policy which got me more excited than a child on the last day of school.

But this is where Justin comes into play. The young, handsome, charismatic chap has the ability to rile up Canadians, young Canadians and young Liberals especially in a way that even Chretien could not do. I was of the opinion that Justin would be better off not joining politics and doing what he was doing now. I thought he could make more of a difference that way. But after he introduced Kennedy at the speeches in Montreal, watched how everyone from our delegates to the Dion guys, to the Finley camp, the Dryden people…all cheered wildly as Justin spoke. It was from that point on that my opinion changed.

My experience during the last leadership showed me that our people, young people, become more and more apathetic with every election. The young people in this country are losing faith in the power they hold in their hands. They are losing faith in politics. The change from liberalism to conservatism in this country has shown that young people, now more than ever, must mobilize to form a group to which candidates can campaign to. The continued tuition increase is a good example of how the apathy of young people is being taken advantage of. If young people can mobilize and fight for lower tuition, GST free text books and show politicians that young people can actually make a difference, than they are more likely to formulate policy that appeals to us.


But, in order to mobilize the young masses, we need a leader. And that is what Justin Trudeau is. He is a young, charismatic leader who is passionate about change, passionate about politics and passionate about Canada. He is the only person in the Liberal Party, and dare I say the country, who has the very real ability of mobilizing the masses and actually bringing back Canada to the way it once used to be. His passion for politics will rub off on young people. His charisma and charm will naturally allow it to happen. He is the face and the voice that will represent us. He is the single entity in the country that has the potential to bring about a revolution in this country that will unite it like no other leader has. Trudeau Ι united the country in 1982 when he repatriated the Constitution and brought forth the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But I believe Justin can do more. He is the face of our country. He is the face of young people. He is the face of change.

Assuming he will win the nomination and beat the Bloc guy in the riding, I think Justin will have an amazing political career. Someone who has no negative baggage to bring to the table, someone who has been fighting for social justice his entire life, someone who is passionate about politics and Canada, surely will act as a rolemodel for millions of young people across this country. With Justin in the picture, politics will once again be relevant in this country.

Vive le Canada!


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