bro and sis

I was at a friend’s house last night. She asked me to straighten her hair and I agreed. While taking the straightening iron to her locks, a thought came to me that had been inside my head for quite some time. I wish I had a sister.

I look at my friends and most, if not all of them have sisters. And almost all of them have very close bonds with them. They fight together, they cry together but more often than none, they care for each other. I am not saying that that a brother would care less for his sibling. But the love that a sister gives to its older or younger brother is far different from that of a brother…at least from what I noticed from my observations.  I truly believe that the love between a brother and sister is something that cannot be compared to anything else in this world.  It is an honour and privilege to have a sister.

Sisters tend to bring a family closer together. They are that link that bond a family together. The relationship that a brother and sister bring to a family is unlike any other. The love they have for one another, in my opinion, cannot be compared to that of any other. They are inherently a blessed entity that bring blessings with them where ever they go. When a brother cries at his sister’s wedding, I believe he is indeed crying partly because he is losing not only someone that is blessed, but he is also losing a friend, a loved one, a bond that he has known for so many years. I wish I could feel that pain.

I am sitting here struggling to articulate exactly how I feel. I notice that many of my closest relationships are with girls. I also note that I wish for my first child to be a daughter. Further, I note that when I lose a female friend (for whatever reason) it seems to be a bit more painful than if I lose a make friend. Its almost as if I have been estranged from a sister. I am not sure if this is accurate or not but I attribute these factors to the lack of a female role-model in my life that I can relate to. Substituting that with a friend can be hard as well. Close female friends that I have had over the years, I no longer talk to or circumstances are as such that we are no longer as close as we used to be. Its an attempt to fill that void that I feel which ends up being futile. I had a cousin that immigrated here to Canada not too long ago. He had a daughter that had just been born. I became very excited at the prospect of having a little sister running around. But even that didn’t go the way I wanted to. They moved out soon after and their life became busy and so did ours and we don’t get to see each other all that often.  I have stopped “searching” for someone that could be my sister because I realize that I will never be able to fill this void in my heart.  Its a futile search.

Through my experiences I have noticed that those who have sisters have a greater respect for women. They are less likely to hurt women physically or emotionally. They are less likely to break another girl’s heart. Again, this is all based on my experiences. That is why I tell all my friends that they are so incredibly lucky that they have a sister(s) in their family. Sometimes I feel that they really don’t know how blessed they are. Or maybe, I just suffer from a case of “you always want what you don’t have.” Either way, and I’ll say this again, those of you that are reading this and have sisters…you really do not realize how lucky and how blessed you are.  It honestly breaks my heart that my life lacks a sister but there is nothing I can do about it now.  Perhaps heaven will have a sister for me (that’s if I ever get in).  Those of you that are blessed with sisters, your life experience is ten times greater than those of us that aren’t blessed with one.  Cherish them.  Care for them.  Love them.


5 responses to “Sisters…

  1. It is so incredibly beautiful, Mast Malang!! – so full of love and poesy…

    You are right, it goes very well with the topic I touched – and I am so happy to hear that also men are looking for sisters (not only women for brothers).

    I quess I feel what you feel, as though i have a great sister, but I always missed a brother! Now I have 11 rakhi-brothers and it feels much better 🙂
    I would be happy to be your sister, if you wish! 😉

  2. IF you will allow, I would be happy to largerly quotate this “sisters” post… thanks!

  3. I would be honoured to have you quote one of my posts 🙂

  4. well i completely relate to what you’re saying. i mean im a female with a brother, but i long for a sister. and ive also seen my close friendship bonds as substitues but its never like that….its never like how i see my friends with their sisters.. im so envious and it breaks my heart that i instead have a distant brother, so i am 110% feeling what you’re saying as i was searching blogs all over google to find someone who felt like i did…but yeah im glad (sadly lol) that we’re not alone at least.

  5. Your reply touched me. Its nice to see someone else feel the same way I do. “im so envious and it breaks my heart” is an excellent way of phrasing how I feel. Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

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