Tonight is why I love winter.

People always ask me about why I love winter so much.  And I can never really explain it to them.  It doesn’t happen all that often but its nights like tonight that make me adore the cold season.  I’ll try to explain it here tonight…somewhat anyways.

Right now, its 4:25am (I am working on my essay that is due in a couple of hours) and its -20C outside right now.  Its perfectly still, no wind.  There is a silence that has overcome this city of 1 million.  Its a silence that one will only experience in the winter nights.  Thick clouds blanket the city above.  As a result of the clouds above, the lights from the street lamps reflect off the clouds, giving the atmosphere an orange glow.  And because the snow is white, the light from the lamps and clouds also reflects off the snow on the ground.  So pretty much anything that has a grey to white shade to it is glowing orange.  Its a beauty that words cannot describe.  Its amazing.  The spectacle is amazing.  The peace is amazing.  The stillness is amazing.  The air is amazing.  One has to see it to truly appreciate it.  Its nights like this where I wish I had a wife so I could take her outside and hold her in my arms and just be; add our love to the peace and stillness of the night. Give her the warmth of my heart as we stand in the cold air of our surroundings; kiss her rosey cheeks and view her in an orange glow.  Love her like the very snow we so innocently play in, loves the cold. 

I don’t have a wife.  Nor do I have anyone in mind who could be my wife.  And yet, I know I will love her to death.  I am in love with someone that does not exist in my reality.  Not yet anyways.  But I do know that desite us being bundled up with our winter jackets, our gloves, hats and scarves…despite all those layers, it is her and only her that will be able to really keep me warm when the bitter cold of the north envelopes our city.  People don’t realize this, but I truely believe the firey glow of orange actually attests to this.  The glow of the atmosphere makes me, tells me to believe in love.  People associate love with the colour red.  I associate it with orange.

This is why I love winter… 


6 responses to “Tonight is why I love winter.

  1. such a wonderful text!.. very poetical. And I find it great that you want to love somebody…most of the people just want to be loved…

  2. I love the winter too.

  3. I love winter so much! Always feels like theres a kind of magic in the air thats just not there in summer. A beautiful piece of writing

  4. Winter is useful. It keeps a lid on bugs and bullies. If you are a cold-tolerant kid subject to chronic bullying, winter is really good for imprisoning bullies in their homes! It’s because General Winter retired and became Police Commissioner Winter! Note how crime drops a lot during good cold spells. The dope dealers can’t stand on their street corners!

  5. Beautiful!

  6. I do love winter.

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