Oh Blog How I Missed Thee

The days have been long and the work has been hard. I wanted to write here for so long but I just didn’t get enough time. School has been getting hard. School is probably the biggest stress I have right now. If I don’t do well this semester, its pretty much over. And this semester is among the hardest as well. So much work to do, its not even funny. We’ll see how it goes.

I got threatened last week. This is what happened: This guy comes into the store and asks me to provide him with a service we offer. He had a few requests which I fulfulled. For some reason, right when this guy walked in, I knew he would give me problems. And my instincts were right. When he came back to pick up his stuff and pay me, I told him what the price was and he flipped out on me. This idiot of a guy threatened to kill me. He started yelling at me infront of all the clients and just going off. I told him our prices are listed right where everyone drops off their stuff (interestingly enough, the prices were listed right infront of him as he yelled at me). He gave me the money and inside I was laughing. But for some reason, I was scared for the entire weekend that his maniac would come in and kill me. Maybe its normal for that to happen. I’ve never really been threatened with my life before so Im kinda new at this. We lost a customer but whatever. If you’re stupid and can’t read and don’t value the work people do for you, go into a whole and die. I don’t want or need your money. This only confirmes my belief that people are inherantly stupid.

I’ve been procrastinating again. I have to find a job because my parents don’t want to pay me. I have to get my resume updated but I find the process of going out and searching for a job extremely demoralizing and depressing. Moreover, I am of the belief that if anyone is attending post secondary, they SHOULD NOT have to work in order to sustain themselves. Students put in hours and effort into school than they do into any McDonald’s job that, at the end of the day, has no signifigance or intrinsic worth. In essence, school is a full time job that is not only good for obvious reasons, it has an intrinsic value that cannot be expressed in monetary terms. A student, therefore should put all their energy into activities that are related to school. They should not have to worry about the fact that they “have work in the morning,” – a phrase that literally makes me sick to my stomach.

My philosophy prof said something intriguing a few weeks ago which has still stuck to me. He said that if it were up to him, he would abolish the entire grading system. Why? Because grades kill school, especially post secondary like university or college. He is of the belief that grades are used as a means of bribing students into learning. Or to put it another way, grades are the carrot and the students are the donkey. Once grades are introduced into learning, the love and excitement that comes with learning goes away. Why? Because grades are in essence a cohersive tool to used to get someone to coup with learning, rather than falling in love with learning so as to achieve the necessary grades to get into Law, Grad, or for a job. Grades therefore kill school and kill learning. Grades don’t acruately reflect how much a person knows or even what they know. Grades measure how much and how well a person memorized at that particular time and day. I find this to be very true.


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