I Wish Music Can Adopt Me…

band A few days ago I was having a conversation with a friend of mine on the phone. At first I thought it was going to be another convo about nothing. But then the topic if music came up. The conversation ended up being two hours of us reminiscing about all the songs we used to listen to when we were kids (way back in the 90s). I never fully realized this until that night. Music has had such an impact on my life, more so than I realized.


Everytime I hear an old song, say, Frozen by Madonna, for example, I can automatically recall what grade that was, what was going on in my life at that time and what was to come after. I remember what teachers I had, what friends I had and what house I lived in. I remember how I used to think at the time, and what I thought I’d never think. I remember how beautiful I thought music was at the time. Now I am lucky to be reminded of that maybe twice a year at best. I remember what other songs I used to love and what songs I used to hate. I remember what clothes I used to wear and what shoes. I remember what locker I put my books in and what classes I had. I remember what feelings I used to feel for which girl in which class. I remember which songs made me feel more for that girl than anything else ever could. I remember what feelings I got when I heard a certain song when it rained, or when it was sunny. I remember how much I loved life when I heard a song. I could do that and so much more, just by listening to one song.

mary j

Music helps me remind myself of how innocent time was and how it has changed. Music, helps define time and put it into context and adds a bit of romanticism to it all. Music completes time; or at least, completed my time. I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now. If it weren’t for music, I could have very well forgotten the history of my life…the stories, the events, the changes…everything that I went through when that one particular song was playing. How amazing is that. The power of one song playing on the radio has the potential to not only preserve time, but to conquer it; to preserve our own personal histories so we never forget our pasts. People often say that music is a part of them or that music is inside of them. I beleive them. But I would go further. I would say music is me. Music is directly or indirectly a part of my daily life. It has been like that since I can remember. I always have a tune in my head. Some days it relaxes me. Some days it depresses me. Some days it intoxicates me. My fingers are always playing tabla beats. Its natural for me to do so. I can’t help it and I can’t stop it.

cold play

A few years ago Eric Sermon came out with a song in which he sampled Marvin Gaye. The song was called “Just Like Music.” It was a simple song that wouldn’t have caught my attention were it not for the Marvin Gaye Sample. There is however one line in that song that sums up everything in this post. The song is essentially talking about how music is this sensation, how it gets him into a zone and all that. But the one line that he says makes the entire song amazing. He says: Make me call my homie on the phone/Like there’s something new out/That got me in the zone/Jus’ that feelin’/Got me/I wish Music can adopt me.


2 responses to “I Wish Music Can Adopt Me…

  1. The thing that never ceases to amaze me about much of the music of my growing up years is how I still remember the lyrics all these years later.

    I mean seriously, I can barely remember my own phone number but have no trouble with the words from her True Blue album? Somehow seems wrong to me but that is one of the many mysteries of music.

  2. You’re quit right in saying that. Memory itself is so attached to music, its amazing how that is even possbile.

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