aloneThe pain just never ceases to leave. They are like thorns that either continuously prick at my soul and my heart. Or they prick me periodically, allowing me to never fully know what it is like to be happy. I don’t know how to get rid of it. I tried hating, I tried resenting but it has only gotten me so far. Why can’t all this pain just leave? I guess it’ll leave when happiness finally enters. God knows when that will be.

Its hard to imagine now, at this point in time that one person can make you so happy. I have honestly forgotten the days of love. I have forgotten how it felt like to be in love. I have forgotten what it felt like to recieve affection…and to give it. And honestly, I don’t think I want to remember. Because remembering brings back old memories and I just don’t have the energy to relive all of that. I have asked this before and I still have not found an answer for this: The heart is among the strongest organs in our body. And yet, God had made it fragile. He has made it strong enough to give a person life. And yet, it is so weak that it once it is broken, it also shatters the soul. Once the heart is broken, it drives men mad. It drove Ranjha to eat that sweet and kill himself. It drove Shah Jahan to seclude himself away from everyone for a year. The very organ that gives us life also has the ability to make our expression lifeless. Poets, philosophers and madmen have all asked this question, I am sure. But to this day, nobody has found the answer to it. Why is something so strong so fragile at the same time…?


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