Have you ever thought why relationships exist? Not just a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship…any kind of relationship. Be it a relationship with a friend, a loved one, a colleague…whatever. Why do we have them? I can’t quantify this with source but it seems like 90% of all the relationships we develop over the course of our lifetime seem to end in one way or another. If so many of our relationships end, why do we have them in the first place? What is the point? It seems like the relationships we need the most at a particular time sever somehow. And relationships that we may need the least at the time start to develop…but then they sever. Some relationships, when they end, hurt more than others. Some hurt really bad. So why, after going through the pain of ending a particular relationship, do we continuously seek out these relationships. What is in the human psyche that drives us to search of such bonds?

I never understand these people that get continuously get hurt after ending one relationship over another. How can they keep going through that pain over and over and over again? Do they thrive on that pain? This probably doesn’t make sense to anyone who is reading this. I am not even sure it makes any sense to me. Maybe I am struggling to articulate my thoughts properly. I am just very confused about relationships. If we lose most of our relationships, why do we bother to have them in the first place?


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