Vengence Is Not Justice

The trial and death of Saddam Hussien is nothing but a passion crime committed by Iraqi body politic and judiciary. I use the term passion crime purposely. I appears as though the Iraqi government seemed so determined to kill Saddam that they were willing to sacrifice justice inso that they felt that justice was indeed done. But this was clearly not the case.

Nobody is denying that Saddam was a brutal dictator that ran a virtual killing machine inside Iraq. Even the Sunni people in Iraq feared him. But here lies the problem: Iraq now claims to be a democracy. Iraq could have shown the world through the Trials of Saddam that despite what Hussien did during his rule, that even during a state of near chaos, the judiciary could try Saddam in a way that would truely achieve justice. Instead, they deviated from the law and rationality and appealed to their animal instincts and killed Saddam on the most holiest days of the Islamic Calender.

The many flaws of the trial are pretty much on record. Many human rights organiztions and justice rights organizations have put out reports condeming the trial. I won’t get into that right now. However, what I will get into is the way the execution was well…executed. One of the people that was present at the hanging claimed that he was very happy that the hanging was done with respect, abiding by all Islamic principles allowing for Saddam to die with some dignity. This was hardly the case. As that cell phone video clearly shows, it was anything but Islamic. Islam does not advocate the taunting of prisoner at is last moments. Islam certainly does not permit anyone to dance, cheer and celebrate around the dead body; another proof that animal instincts were at the heart of the Death of Saddam.

Sunni lawyers were forbidden to enter into the gallows to watch Saddam breath his last breath. Moreover, some of the Shias in the room changed the name of Mohammad Bakr al Sadr, as can be verified by the witnesses in the room and as well, the cell phone video. If one were to extrapolate this environment into the realm of reality in Iraq, there are many similarities. It shows that overall Iraqi society has, if not already, degenerated into chaos, similar to Saddam’s last minutes at his execution. It shows that Sunnis will be disenfranchised from Iraqi society for a very long time to come. And it shows that animal instincts are the reality that powering the machine that is the Iraqi democracy.

Once again people around the world have shown that so long as humans resort to their animal instincts, justice will never prevail. Rather, this shows how violently justice gets raped by vengence, helpless as it watches the dead eyes of that which robs it of everything she thought she was. For those that think justice was done on Eid, I say to them, it is because of people like you that justice has lost all its innocence.

…not bad considering its 1:35am and Im all drugged up because of my cold.


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