white rose I walked down a path through the rain last night.
I looked up at the sky and saw nothing but darkness.
The clouds burnt out the stars and cloaked the moon.
I was left with nothing but the cold mist and the damp rain and this dark path upon which I travelled.
It was almost as if I had ventured into another world where I was left alone…left to fend for myself.
The birds ceased to sing, the children ceased to laugh, the flowers ceased to bloom.
There was nothing but the darkness of the night, the chill of the rain and the errie silence of the clouds.
As a walked further down the path, I came across a rose.
It wasn’t an ordinary rose.
It was different.
It was the brightest rose I had ever seen, bloosomed fully and standing tall.
Its colour as white as the snow atop a silent mountain.
I bent down to admire it;
Its pettles, softer than silks adorned by Heer.
“O beautiful Rose. Why do you stand here alone in the darkness and cold?”
The rose smiled at me.
“Dear sir, I am not alone. My heart is full of joy. My heart is full of light.
I used to think that among the darkness, the rain and the cold, that I was alone.
But they, joy and light, they have been inside my heart the whole time.
I ask you, if I were lonely as you suggest, would my colour not be as black as this night?
If I were lonely, would you not have passed me thinking I was just another part of this night?
Sorrow seems to be your spirit this night.”
“May I ask, sir, why you are travelling this path in melancholy?”
Not knowing how to answer, I sighed.
“I ask you sir, look inside of your heart and look deep. What do you see? Who do you see?”
I closed my eyes. Instantly, I fell into a trance.
Images began to fall from above. It was my life presenting itself right there before me.
All my sorrows, all my joys, exposed themselfs one by one.
Quickly, my mind became cluttered with them.
Cluttered with them to the point where it became hard to decipher what was what.
But through the medley that was my life, I found a path with a sign that read “the road less travelled.”
Pushing my joys and sorrows to the side, I set foot on that path and started to walk.
I knew for some reason that it was this path that would lead me to my heart.
The path peaked and it valleyed and it peaked again. And then I saw it.
It was my heart.
All of a sudden, I felt joy in a way I had never felt before.
It was the first time I had seen my heart like this.
It appeared as though it had never aged.
It appeared as though it had never been broken.
I stopped at the peak of the path and admired the sight before me.
It looked beautiful.
As I gazed over my heart, I noticed a window.
I ran over to it, my curiousity overwhelming me.
I reached the window. It was small but I could see everything inside it.
Resting my arms on the window sil, I peered through the glass.
What did I see?
I saw you.
You had built a house inside my heart.
You were sweeping away the bitterest of sorrows out the door.
You kept the sweetest of my memories inside a candy jar.
You decorated my most precious of wishes with silk.
You kept my hopes and dreams as your sisters.
I watched amazement as you sung my name.
Finally you saw me standing at the window.
You smiled at me and waved.
Tears ran down my face as I waved back at you.
Suddenly, I awoke from my trance, becoming fully conscience.
I opened my eyes and saw the concerned look on the rose’s face.
“Sir? Why are you crying?”
I wiped my tears from my face and smiled at the rose.
“O beautiful blossom, tonight is the first time I looked inside my heart.
I found a friend…a dear friend.
She built a house inside my heart and lives in it.
There wasn’t a shade of darkness to be found.”
The rose smiled.
“Sir… God!
It is God that has put her inside your heart so that you may never feel alone!
If you ever in your life feel that happiness has left you, look inside your heart and find your friend.
She will be there to give you joy.”
I slowly got up and walked away from the rose.
All of a sudden, the darkness didn’t seem as harsh.
And the mist became ever so warm.
In that moment, I knew a friend like you was never going to let darkness into my heart.

mast malang


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